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It’s documented that banks are lawlessly foreclosing on owners in every state of the USA. We are here to assist you so  that does not happen to you. In “Judicial Foreclosure” states, a Judge reviews the legitimacy  and accuracy of a foreclosure. This usually protects owners from greedy banks.

But even with this review, Lenders, Servicers  are usually ready to ignore or work around the laws, and are doing this on an everyday basis. In “Trustee Foreclosure” states, a “trustee” is allotted (often lawlessly so) to be the  person taking action to foreclose on your home. The trustee could be a 3rd party being paid by the bank to foreclose quickly. We will attempt to freeze the actions of trustees and unreliable banks, and delay the sale of your home.

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Mortgagehelp & Avoiding foreclosure

Legal tools through which lenders are able to repossess the borrower’s properties are known as foreclosures. Over the past few years, forecloses have considerably increased in Maryland, posing a threat to citizens of the place,  who are unable to repay the loan amount. Due to such issues, of the housing crisis, the government has pro new laws and regulations for the homeowners.

Stop foreclousre

When people fall behind on their mortgages, banks or other types of creditors will initiate foreclosure proceedings. For people, being served with a notice of foreclosure is frightening and overwhelming as people fear losing their homes. With our companies…
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Mortgage Loan Modification

The purpose of a loan modification is to provide a long-term solution for borrowers, by forcing the lender to grant the borrower a more manageable repayment plan in order to help the borrower keep their home.
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Reduce Year Payment

Our company will attempt to decrease the interest rate and the principal mortgage balance plus eliminate any accrued late fees of your loan which should corresponding reduce your monthly mortgage payment.

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Mortgage helpline Mission

 Our company mission statement is to be an Advocate and successfully help homcowners avoid and stop the foreclosure process and secure a financial solution for all parties through..

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